Sydney graduation

Sydney graduation

Graduation session dates and times

If your award is set to be conferred in April 2020, your graduation ceremony will occur between the 14th to the 24th of April 2020. An email will be sent to your email address in February 2020 with the specific date and time of your allocated ceremony. Please check your student email periodically from mid-February for your invitation.

April 2020 full schedule to be advised.

Date and TimeFaculty
14th - 24th of April 2020All Faculties

Attending your ceremony

RSVP for graduation

In order to participate in your graduation ceremony, you’ll need to first respond to our Graduation Invitation (which is different from your Completion Letter -  your Graduation Invitation will be sent approximately 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the relevant graduation series).

Log into your eStudent and follow these steps, once you have received your Conferring of Degrees invitation.

  1. Click on "My Results and Graduation" located in the menu along the top.
  2. Click on "Check for Graduation" located in the menu on the left to select your award(s).
  3. Click on “Update your Alumni (non MQ) email” located in the menu on the left to update your contact details. Please provide your non-student email and mobile number so we can send a reminder email prior to your graduation ceremony. Select “Add New” then “Alumni (non MQ) email” from the drop-down menu and enter your email address. Click on “Return to Check for Graduation” to go back to the previous page.
  4. Click on "Modify" against the award that you want to update
  5. Update your attendance preference with the drop-down menu and save your preference by clicking "Save" located near the bottom.
    • ATTEND CEREMONY - if you are attending
    • HOLD - you will graduate in absentia and cannot attend a subsequent ceremony
  6. If you are attending, your next email will be sent within two (2) business days, including details for payment of the Graduation Fee*. The Graduation Fee must be paid on time to complete your graduation registration and avoid a late fee.

NOTE: Confirm your attendance preference on eStudent by TBA.

If confirmation on eStudent is not received by the closing date, you will not be issued a seating ticket or guest tickets.

*Subject to change

On the day

Arrival, Parking, and Registration

  • Graduands need to arrive at 11 Wally's Walk, Room 140 for seating tickets and academic dress fitting between:
    • 10.30am ceremony: 9am and 9.45am
    • 2.30pm ceremony: 1pm and 1.45pm
    • 6pm ceremony: 4.30pm and 5.15pm
  • Portrait photography services and memorabilia collection/orders will be available in the Atrium on 12 Wally's Walk.
  • Parking on campus is free during the graduation period. Car Park West 5 (behind the gymnasium) is recommended, as a graduation shuttle bus service will also be operating every 15 minutes during graduation to escort guests to and from the Graduation Hall. View the graduation parking map


  • Graduands should be seated 30 minutes before the ceremony at the seat corresponding to the number on their ticket and for the instructions to the ceremony proceedings.
  • Graduands are not permitted to bring personal belongings into the Graduation Hall eg. mobile phones, cameras, bags, flowers, non-essential graduation paraphernalia etc. Seating space is limited and graduates will change seats throughout the presentation. These items can be placed in the Cloak Room, which is adjacent to the seating area.
  • Guest seating is provided inside the Graduation Hall and Mason Theatre and it is non-allocated.
  • Only bottled water is permitted. Prams and strollers, tripods and other items which may obstruct passageways or viewing/comfort of other guests are not permitted into the Graduation Hall but they may be stored in the Cloak Room (adjacent to the seating area inside the hall), which also accepts other belongings that may not be convenient to bring into the Graduation Hall.
  • We are unable to accept responsibility for items left in the Cloak Room.

Academic dress and attire

Your Graduation Fee includes the academic dress hire and all graduands are required to be in full academic dress to take part in the graduation proceedings. As academic gowns are open at the front, clothing worn underneath will be clearly visible.  Suggested attire includes:

  • Business or semi-formal attire
  • Comfortable shoes

Academic regalia from Macquarie University must be returned to 11 Wally's Walk, Room 140, within one hour of the ceremony finishing.

Order of proceedings

    1. Your graduation ceremony will commence with the entry of the academic procession into the Graduation Hall lead by the Registrar carrying the Ceremonial Staff.  The Presiding Officer for your ceremony is the last member of the procession to enter the Graduation Hall.  The Presiding Officer is preceded by the Mace Bearer who carries the University Mace - the symbol of his or her authority.
    2. When the members of the academic procession have taken their places on the dais, the musical group will play Advance Australia Fair.  All male graduands should remove their trencher for the National Anthem.  It is not compulsory for female graduands to remove their trencher.  At the conclusion of the National Anthem, the audience resume their seats and the ceremony will be formally opened with a brief welcome.
    3. The Presiding Officer will invite the speaker to deliver the occasional address. If there are any Honorary awards to be conferred, this process will be completed prior to the occasional address.
    4. The Registrar will ask all graduands to stand and testify that the Academic Senate of the University has certified that you have completed the requirements for the award of your degree or your diploma. The Presiding Officer will then, by the authority conferred on them by the Council of the University, admit you to the degree or diploma for which you have qualified.  At this point, you become a graduate.
    5. Each row of graduates are guided by graduation staff around to the northern end of the dais, where your graduation documents will be given to you in a presentation folder, which will be part of your handshake photograph with the Presiding Officer. KEEP YOUR GRADUATE TICKET ON YOU AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT LEAVE IT ON YOUR SEAT AS IT IS REQUIRED FOR ACADEMIC DRESS RETURNS.
    6. Each graduate is presented individually to the Presiding Officer, in the order set out in the printed graduation program, by the Executive Dean of their Faculty (or their nominee). The Presiding Officer will say a few words to you and shake your hand. A photograph is taken of each graduate at this point.
    7. After the photograph, do not go down the steps at the centre of the stage, proceed to the southern end of the dais and exit via the ramp at the back of the dais before returning to the graduate seating area.
    8. At the end of the presentation of the graduates, there is a graduate address followed by a brief musical interlude.
    9. The Presiding Officer will speak briefly before closing the proceedings.
    10. The Presiding Officer accompanied by the Occasional Speaker and preceded by the University Mace Bearer, will lead the academic procession from the dais. The Registrar will be the last member of the academic procession to leave the dais, which will then be followed by graduates joining the academic procession, moving from the Graduation Hall along the pathway towards the Graduation Marquee where light refreshments will be served for you and your guests.

Personal belongings

Other than bottled water, food and drink is not permitted inside the hall. Most personal belongings must be left in our Cloak Room, which includes large luggage items, prams and strollers, flowers etc. Handbags and backpacks must not exceed 400mm x 320mm x 100mm.

We are unable to accept responsibility for items left in the Cloak Room.

Graduands please note that the academic gowns do not have pockets, so please do not bring loose items (including mobile phones) unless these can be placed in clothing underneath. KEEP YOUR GRADUATE TICKET ON YOU AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT LEAVE IT ON YOUR SEAT AS IT IS REQUIRED FOR ACADEMIC DRESS RETURNS.


Graduates and their guests are invited to enjoy light refreshments after the graduation ceremony.

Special requirements

We endeavour to accommodate any special requirements for the ceremony such as accessibility, or other types of pre-arrangement that may be required. Please contact us directly at

Casual accommodation

For casual accommodation situated on campus, visit the Dunmore Lang College website or email them at or call (+61 2) 9856 1000.

Visas for you and your guests

You must check with the Department of Home Affairs for the latest information.

We suggest that a copy of the Conferring of Degrees invitation and Completion Letter (both are sent to your student email) is submitted with your application.

For your guests, also include a personal letter written by you to invite your family/guests to attend your graduation, along with your Conferring of Degrees invitation. The personal letter should specify the ceremony date and time, full names of your family members/guests, and their passport numbers.

All photocopied documents should be certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP).

Not attending your ceremony

If you are not attending your graduation ceremony (graduating in absentia), there are a number of options available for collecting your degree on eStudent.

  1. Click on "My Results and Graduation"
  2. Click on "Check for Graduation".  The award you have qualified with will be displayed together with your individual graduation ceremony location, date and time
  3. Select the award and follow the link "Modify my graduation details for the selected award". Update your attendance preference from the drop-down menu and save your preference. The following options are available:

Mail delivery

Students who elect not to attend the ceremony and require their documents to be sent free of charge should change their status to MAIL in eStudent. Documents from April/September conferrals will be sent by post progressively from 3 weeks after the end of the graduation series. Students must allow at least 3 weeks (8 weeks international) for delivery before inquiring about documents not received.

Please ensure that your preferred postal address and contact phone number in eStudent is correctly updated before the RSVP to ensure that your graduation documents are correctly delivered.

Be advised that tracking is NOT available for this option.

Courier delivery

Students who elect not to attend the ceremony and require their documents to be sent by Express Post/TNT international courier (fee incurred) should change their status to COURIER in eStudent. Please complete one of the online forms below. Couriered documents are sent as soon as possible after your graduation ceremony.

Please note that if we receive your courier form less than 2 weeks before a graduation series commencement, we may not be able to process this in time to send as soon as possible after your ceremony. Couriers received after this date will have priority processing at the end of the graduation series.

Collecting documents in person

Students who elect not to attend the ceremony and wish to collect their documents in person should change their status to COLLECT in eStudent. Documents from April/September conferrals will be available to collect from 3 weeks after the end of the graduation series at Student Connect.

To authorise somebody else to collect your graduation documents please send a request with details from your student email or The request should include the full name and date of birth of the person collecting the documents. All persons will be required to produce valid identification upon collection.

Request to graduate overseas

If you wish to graduate at an overseas venue you should send your request to by our RSVP date. Your graduation documents will not be available until the date of the overseas ceremony. Do not process any online orders as a new Graduation Invitation will be emailed to you.

Defer graduation

You may defer your graduation for up to 12 months. Permission to defer graduation will only be granted for compelling personal, professional, or academic reasons. Once you receive your Completion Letter, please send your request to by our RSVP date.

Note: Students who qualify for the award of a Bachelors degree and have enrolled in honours must have the Bachelors degree conferred either in person or in absentia.

Requests to defer graduation after the closing date for RSVP of your current graduation allocation will not be approved.

Graduating in absentia

Students who do not attend graduation or have not updated their attendance status from HOLD in eStudent by the cutoff date will graduate in absentia and your documents will be held by the Graduations Team. If your attendance status is HOLD, please email to advise how you would like to receive your documents. If you graduate in absentia, you cannot attend a subsequent ceremony.

Ordering graduation merchandise

If you are unable to attend your graduation but would still like to order graduation merchandise, please visit the below websites:

Graduating with a certificate

If you are graduating with a postgraduate or undergraduate certificate, study abroad diploma or certificate you will not attend a graduation ceremony. Your graduation documents will be mailed to you as soon as possible after the graduation series has concluded.

It is your responsibility to ensure your mailing details are kept current at all times. Ensure you check your postal address on eStudent before completing your award.

Graduation fees and payments

Graduation Fee

The Graduation Fee includes the following*:

  • Your graduate ticket as well as three (3) guest tickets
  • Hire of academic gown and hood
  • Your graduation cap (for you to keep!)
  • A robing service to ensure your academic dress looks perfect on the day
  • Post-ceremony reception with canapés, drinks and sparkling wine for you and your guests
  • An exclusive Alumni lapel pin
  • Various discount vouchers with our graduation merchants
  • An official Macquarie University graduation program for your ceremony
  • All these items will be given to you on the day of your ceremony.

    *Items subject to change

Outstanding debts

Students who are indebted to the University shall not be permitted to graduate until such debt is cleared. Graduation allocation is subject to all debts being cleared prior to the qualification cut-off date. Please ensure that you do not have any outstanding debts.

Change of name

If your name requires an amendment or correction, you must reply to your Graduation Invitation email along with the certified supporting documentation to Student Connect before the closing date. The only documents accepted by the University include a valid passport, change of name certificate, or marriage certificate. Driver's licences are not accepted.

If the request and/or the supporting documentation cannot be received by the closing date, a $65 fee will apply for the re-issue of your graduation documents.

Change of ceremony

Permission to change ceremonies within a series will only be granted for compelling personal, professional, or academic reasons. Requests should be sent from your student email or lodged through before the closing date for RSVP indicated on your Graduation Invitation. Supporting documentation from a professional authority, employer, or educational institution should be attached as applicable.

Requests to change ceremonies after the closing date for RSVP of your current graduation allocation will not be approved.

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