Overseas graduation

Overseas graduation

Graduation session dates and times

Beijing 2019 ceremony
Wednesday 30th October, 2019

Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel

Chaoyang, Beijing

Hong Kong 2019 ceremony
Sunday 3rd November, 2019

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong

Attending your ceremony

Register for graduation

In order to participate in your graduation ceremony you’ll need to first respond to our Conferring of Degrees invitation (which is different from your Completion Letter - please allow a few weeks to receive your CoD invitation once you receive your Completion Letter).

Log into your eStudent and follow these steps.

  1. Click on "My Results and Graduation" located in the menu along the top
  2. Click on "Check for Graduation" located in the menu on the left to see your award(s)
  3. Update your contact details by clicking on "Update your Alumni (non-MQ) email" located in the menu on the left side. Make sure that you provide your non-student email and mobile number as we will send a reminder email prior to your graduation ceremony.  Select "Add New" then "Alumni (non-MQ) email" from the drop down menu and enter your email address. Click on "Return to Check for Graduation" to go back to the previous page
  4. Click on "Modify" against the award that you want to update
  5. Update your attendance preference from the drop-down menu and save your preference by clicking "Save" located near the bottom
    • ATTEND CEREMONY - if you are attending
    • HOLD - you will graduate in absentia and cannot attend a subsequent ceremony
  6. HONG KONG ONLY - To attend your ceremony, you must pay a compulsory Graduation Fee of AU $135. The fee will be paid at the same time you order your academic dress (please see section below which also lists out what is included in the fee).

NOTE: Closing date for confirming your attendance preference on eStudent is TBA.

If confirmation on eStudent is not received by the closing date, you will not be issued a seating ticket or guest tickets.

Pre-order your academic dress and memorabilia, and pay the compulsory Graduation Fee* (*Hong Kong only)

Academic dress, graduation plaques, degree framing, photography etc. can be pre-ordered below:


Hong Kong

On the day

Arrival and Registration

1. Registration begins in the Grand Ballroom foyer 90 minutes before your ceremony time for 45 minutes:

  • Beijing: 5.00pm – 5.45pm
  • Hong Kong: 9.30am – 10.15am

2. Collect your seating ticket and guest tickets from our registration desk.


  1. The Grand Ballroom will be open 30 minutes before your ceremony.
  2. Graduands must take the seat corresponding to the number on their seating ticket.
  3. Guest seating is separate from the graduand seats.
  4. All graduands must take their seat within 15 minutes for the ceremony instructions.

Academic dress and attire

All graduands are required to be in full academic dress to take part in the graduation proceedings. As academic gowns are open at the front, clothing worn underneath will be clearly visible.  Suggested attire includes:

  • Business or semi-formal attire
  • Comfortable shoes.

If you are bringing an academic dress supplied externally, it is imperative that you check with graduation staff to ensure it meets the Macquarie University academic dress protocol.


Graduates and their guests are invited to enjoy refreshments after the graduation ceremony.

Special requirements

We endeavour to accommodate any special requirements for the ceremony such as accessibility, or other types of pre-arrangement that may be required. Please contact us directly at graduation@mq.edu.au

Not attending your ceremony

If you are not attending your graduation ceremony ceremony (graduating in absentia), there are number of options available for collecting your degree on eStudent.

  1. Click on "My Results and Graduation"
  2. Click on "Check for Graduation". The award you have qualified with will be displayed together with your individual graduation ceremony location, date and time
  3. Select the award and follow the link "Modify my graduation details for the selected award". Update your attendance preference from the drop-down menu and save your preference. The following options are available:

Mail delivery

Students who elect not to attend the ceremony and require their documents to be sent free of charge by registered post should change their status to MAIL in eStudent. Documents will be sent by post during the weeks after the final ceremony in the series has concluded. Students must allow at least 3 weeks (8 weeks international) for delivery before enquiring about documents not received.

Please note that graduation documents are sent by registered local and international mail free of charge if you choose the MAIL option. Please ensure that your preferred mailing address in eStudent is correct to ensure that your graduation documents are correctly delivered.

Courier delivery

Students who elect not to attend the ceremony and require their documents to be by express post (fee incurred) should change their status to COURIER in eStudent. Please download and return a completed Delivery Request Form. Couriered documents are sent as soon as possible after your graduation ceremony.

Collecting documents in person

Students who elect not to attend the ceremony and wish to collect their documents in person should change their status to COLLECT in eStudent. All graduates who did not study in Beijing or Hong Kong, your graduation documents will be available for collection from TBA.

  • Beijing: If you are a part of the Tsinghua University cohort, your documents will be available for collection from their office after the ceremony.
  • Hong Kong: If you are a part of the HKMA cohort, your documents will be available for collection from their office after the ceremony.

To authorise somebody else to collect your graduation documents please send a request with details from your student email or ask.mq.edu.au. The request should include the full name and date of birth of the person collecting the documents, and they will be required to show identification showing the said details.

Graduating in absentia

Students who do not attend graduation or have not updated their attendance status from HOLD in eStudent will graduate in absentia and your documents will be held in the Graduations and Completions office until confirmation of a current mailing address is received. If you graduate in absentia, you cannot attend a subsequent ceremony.

Graduating with a certificate

If you are graduating with a postgraduate or undergraduate certificate, study abroad diploma or certificate you will not attend a graduation ceremony. Your graduation documents will be mailed to you as soon as possible after the graduation series has concluded.

It is your responsibility to ensure your mailing details are kept current at all times. Check your address on eStudent.

Graduation fees and payments

Graduation Fee

Beijing - Not applicable

Hong Kong - The graduation fee is AU $135 and includes the following:

    • Academic dress hire (regalia and fitting available on the day)
    • Graduation item to keep
    • Studio portrait session (Valued at AU $30)
    • MQ Alumni lapel pin
    • MQ Luggage tag

Outstanding debts

Students who are indebted to the University shall not be permitted to graduate until such debt is cleared. Graduation allocation is subject to all debts being cleared prior to the series' closing date for RSVP date. Please ensure that you do not have any outstanding debts.

Change of name

If your name requires an amendment or correction, you must submit a copy of your Conferring of Degrees invitation along with the original or certified copy of the supporting documentation to Student Connect before the closing date. The only documents accepted by the University include a passport, change of name certificate, or birth certificate.

If the request and/or the supporting documentation cannot be received by the closing date, a $65 fee will apply for the re-issue of your graduation documents.

Change of ceremony

Permission to defer graduation will only be granted for compelling personal, professional, or academic reasons. Requests should be sent from your student email or lodged through ask.mq.edu.au before the closing date for RSVP indicated on your Conferring of Degrees invitation. Supporting documentation from a professional authority, employer, or educational institution should be attached as applicable.

Students who qualify for the award of a Bachelors degree and have enrolled in honours cannot defer graduate of the Bachelor degree. Honours students must graduate twice, first with the Bachelors degree and then for the honours degree when it is completed. If you do not wish to attend the ceremony, you may graduate in absentia.

Requests to defer graduation after the closing date for RSVP of your current graduation allocation will not be approved.

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