Hire a graduation gown

Hire a graduation gown

Congratulations on graduating!

We provide a range of services to ensure your graduation is memorable and hassle-free.

The cost of hiring the full set of academic dress is $99 for bachelor’s and $109 for master’s and PhD.

The package includes gown and hood hire, and the trencher or bonnet to keep, plus fitting.

Several staff members will be available to assist with fitting you on the day of your graduation.

Contact MacShop on (02) 9850 7606 or via spot@mq.edu.au if you would like to purchase your academic dress or have any questions regarding the ordering system.

Academic Dress

All graduands are required to be in full academic dress to take part in the graduation ceremony. As academic gowns are open at the front, clothing worn underneath will be clearly visible. Suggested attire includes:

  • Business or semi-formal attire
  • Shoes that will allow you to negotiate stairs

You can arrange hire of your academic regalia when you complete your graduation booking.  

If an external supplier sources your academic regalia, check with graduation staff before your graduation day to ensure it complies with Macquarie’s academic dress standards. 

Additional services include graduation DVDs, plaques, portrait photographs and degree framing. You can also pre-book these options when you complete your graduation booking.

Did you know?

The gowns worn today have their origins in the lay and monastic costumes of the early middle ages. The trencher has evolved from the pileus or hat worn at Oxford and Cambridge around the seventeenth century. The colours of academic dress are now fully codified. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates have the option to wear a special stole as a demonstration of cultural pride. In 2011, Lachlan McDaniel became one of Australia's first Indigenous students to graduate in a possum skin cloak.

Payment options for academic dress 

Macquarie does not charge a graduation fee. However, if you attend the ceremony you will need to organise and pay for your academic dress hire. Payments can be made via the online booking system or on campus by visiting the MacShop.

Deposit for academic dress 

A deposit of $100 will apply for orders paid by cash, cheque or money order only. Deposits made by cheque or money order will be refunded in cash when all hired items are returned, provided the items are returned in the original condition and within 60 minutes of the ceremony conclusion. Ensure you pick up your deposit on the day.

Collecting your academic dress

Academic dress can be collected from level 1, E5A, 11 Wally’s Walk, 90 minutes before the ceremony commences. Academic dress will be fitted prior to your graduation ceremony. All items are to be tried on before leaving the premises to ensure they adhere to academic dress protocol and standards.

Returning academic dress 

All hired items are to be returned within 60 minutes of the ceremony conclusion. If any items are returned:

  • after the stated time, you must pay a late fee of $100 per day until the items are returned, to a maximum fee of $595
  • other than in their original condition, you must reimburse U@MQ Ltd. for the cost of repairs or the cost of new garments to a maximum charge of $595

Any charges due to U@MQ Ltd. under this clause will be charged to your credit card. If you have not paid by credit card, you will forfeit your deposit and remain liable to U@MQ Ltd. for any remaining charges.

Cancellation of order and refunds

Should you need to cancel your order, you must contact graduation staff. You cannot obtain a refund if you cancel your order within 48 hours of your graduation ceremony. No refunds will be given for the purchased trencher or bonnet.

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