Mainland China - Live stream

Mainland China - Live stream

Video not playing? Read the instructions below.

视频无法观看? 请参考以下指引:

Instructions (English)

If you are unable to access YouTube LIVE in your region, you can watch our graduation ceremonies live on this page instead.


Note: The live stream will only work using the Safari browser.

  • iPad iOS3 or newer
  • iPhone iOS4 or newer
  • Mac OS X Safari 4 and newer

Note: The live stream will not work on Windows browsers. You must follow the steps below to watch live.

  1. Download and install VLC Player 2.0.4 or newer (free download)
  2. Open VLC and select File > Open Network
  3. Copy and paste the following link into URL field and click Open

The live stream will now play.

指引 (Chinese)

如果你所在地区无法浏览Youtube直播, 你也可以在这里观看毕业礼的直播。


苹果产品 (Apple)
注意: 该直播只支持Safari浏览器

  • iPad iOS3 或以上版本
  • iPhone iOS4 或以上版本
  • Mac OS X Safari 4 或以上版本

微软系统 (Windows)
注意: 该直播并不支持浏览器播放。请按照以下方法来观看直播:

  1. 先下载并安装播放器VLC Player (免费下载)
  2. 开启VLC Player, 选择「媒体」>「打开网络串流」
  3. 复制并粘贴下列网址在地址栏, 然后选择「播放」


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