Your graduation documents

Your graduation documents

Please note that due to COVID-19, the processing of replacement testamurs and other hard copy documents may be delayed.

April 2020 Graduands: your digital graduation documents will be available on My eQuals via a link sent to your student email account.

At your graduation ceremony you will receive your testamur, and two copies of your academic transcript. AQF compliant awards also receive the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

My eQuals is the official platform for Australian and New Zealand universities for accessing digitally secured documents which includes your graduation documents. Please click here for more information.


Your Macquarie University testamur, sometimes referred to the graduation certificate, diploma, or parchment, is an official document conferred by the University Council which certifies that you have been awarded your degree or diploma. The Conferring of your degree will usually take place at a graduation ceremony held either on campus or off-campus depending on the study location of your course.

The testamur is an A4 sized document that contains the Arms of the University, University seal, signatures of the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar, name of the graduate, name of the degree/diploma, and conferral date. Additional illustrations and text may appear on certain testamurs issued by the University depending on the nature of the award.

There can only be one testamur in circulation for a graduate of the degree for which they were awarded. Subsequent copies will not be produced by the University unless requirements for a replacement are met.

Courier delivery

If you have already graduated in absentia, have not elected a method of receiving your documents and you would like to receive them via Express Post/TNT international courier (fee incurred), please complete one of the online forms below.

Replacement Testamur

You will need to complete a Replacement Testamur form online and pay the specified fee of AUD$50 for a general replacement or AUD$65 for a name change replacement (if different from your name at graduation). If you did not receive your graduation documents due to an incorrect address supplied to the University then you will be liable to pay the AUD$50 replacement fee.

An original Statutory Declaration will also need to be submitted (faxes, photocopies and electronic copies are not accepted):

Please send the original statutory declaration to:


18 Wally's Walk (MUSE Building) Level 4

Macquarie University NSW 2109


Certified copies or original documents need to be supplied for name change replacements. Name changes or damaged testamurs do not require a Statutory Declaration however the original testamur must be returned to the University before a replacement can be issued.

Graduates currently residing in countries that do not have Statutory Declarations in their legal system should prepare a statement that is then witnessed and stamped/sealed by a notary public, or police officer, magistrate, solicitor or Australian Consulate official.

You must also submit a specimen of your signature as it appears on a legitimate form of personal identification (eg driver's licence, passport, etc). Your request WILL NOT be processed until you provide this.

Although there is no direct charge to replace graduation documents not received for up to six months from the graduation date, the replacement documents must be personally collected or sent by Express Delivery to ensure safe carriage.

Please note that if we receive your Replacement Testamur form during April or September, we may not be able to process this until the end of the graduation series.

Academic transcript

The academic transcript is the official and certified version of a student's academic record. The academic transcript lists the units and programs a student has enrolled in and all units they have attempted, and the grades received. An official transcript is always printed on secured University paper. As part of your graduation documents, two copies are included.

Additional copies of your academic transcript may be purchased from the University as required.

Find out more about requesting a transcript


What is AHEGS?

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement is provided by Australian higher education institutions to graduating students on completion of their award. An AHEGS may be issued in addition to other documents, such as testamurs and academic transcripts. It provides a description of the nature, level, context, and status of studies that were pursued by the individual named as well as information about the education provider. Its purpose is to assist in both national and international recognition of Australian qualifications and to promote international mobility and professional recognition of graduates.

Students of Macquarie University who have their qualification for an Award ratified by Academic Senate or a Faculty Board on or after 16 December 2010 may be eligible to receive an AHEGS.

What does your statement include?

The AHEGS consists of five sections:

Section 1The Graduate – Student details (family name, given names and student number)
Section 2The Award – Full title and details of the award, and details of any course accreditation
Section 3The Awarding Institution – Details of the awarding institution
Section 4

The Graduate’s Academic Achievements – includes major(s)/specialisation(s), details of the individual graduate's achievement, listing details of units undertaken toward the award. This section also includes details about special achievements, recognition and prizes. It may also include additional achievements outlining student's involvement in recognised co-curricular activities. Link to the list of recognised co-curricular activities.

Section 5Description of the Australian higher education system – The content for this Section is provided by the Australian Government and will be included as required.

For further information about AHEGS please refer to the AHEGS Policy.

How do I request an AHEGS?

Before you request your AHEGS, please ensure you have no outstanding fees.

AHEGS can only be requested after your graduation period.

Your AHEGS request will not be processed until all debts/sanctions are cleared – see How to Pay for more details.

The time frame for processing your request is end of the next business day.

If there is an error on your original AHEGS, or you received a prize after graduation that is not included, please contact us at AskMQ (you are required to surrender your original AHEGS before receiving your amended copy). You will need to submit a Change of Personal Details form providing documentary evidence supporting any change of name, ie. passport, driver licence, marriage certificate, change of name certificate, doctor’s certificate.

I graduated after December 2010

I would like to collect my AHEGS OR someone to collect on my behalf
  • Please ensure you or your nominated collector bring a valid official form of photo identification, eg. Driver licence or passport, when collecting your document.
  • AHEGS can be collected from Student Connect:
    18 Wally’s Walk, Level 2 MUSE, Macquarie University, NSW 2109
I would like my AHEGS posted out to my/a nominated address

Please allow 3-5 days delivery for postage within Australia.

International delivery times vary between countries.

I graduated before December 2010

AHEGS statements are not available for graduates prior to December 2010.


Prices are as follows:
Hard copy AHEGS $25 per copy + postage where applicable

will be applied if you have requested your documents be sent to you

  • Express Post within Australia: $15
  • Express Post International:  $50

What else do I need to know about AHEGS?

  • Students of Macquarie University who have their qualification for an Award ratified by Academic Senate or a Faculty Board on or after 16 December 2010 may be eligible to receive an AHEGS.
  • Students who completed a double degree or combined degree and received two separate awards may receive an AHEGS for each award.
  • Students who completed a double degree or combined degree as one award may only receive one AHEGS.
  • All recorded results related to the specified program of study will appear on the AHEGS. This includes any fail grades.
  • A reprinted AHEGS contains the same content as at the time of original issue as it is designed to provide a snapshot of a graduate’s qualification at the point of completion.
  • The information appearing on the AHEGS is from your official student record. Should you have any further queries, please contact or (+61 2 9850 6410)

For further information about AHEGS please refer to the AHEGS Policy.

Please note that due to COVID-19, there may be significant delays with Apostille and Authentication requests.

Apostille and Authentication

Please consult with the appropriate Embassy or Consulate of the country where the documents are to operate to determine if the country you are dealing with requires an Apostille or an Authentication.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions for further information 

This two step process involves having your original Macquarie University documents signed by an authorised person at the University. These authenticated documents will then need to be given to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) along with your Authentication Cover Letter and Document legalisation request form to have an additional seal applied.

A friend or relative may act on your behalf and they will need to bring a signed letter of authorisation (from you) and a copy of your Photo ID requesting your documents to be authenticated by an authorised officer. Please call the Student Connect on 9850 6410 for opening hours.

If you are not able to visit the University you will need to return your original documents along with the completed Authentication Cover Letter and Document legalisation request form. Once the University has authenticated your documents they will be sent to DFAT to have an additional seal applied.

If you are graduating at an upcoming graduation series please return the Authentication Cover Letter and Document legalisation request form to the Graduation Team by the ceremony RSVP deadline. Once the ceremony has taken place we will have them signed and sent to DFAT for processing.

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