How to pay

How to pay

Check your fees

Each study period, once you’ve enrolled into unit(s), you can check your fees through your eStudent account

  1. Login to eStudent
  2. Select ‘My Finances’

To pay your fees upfront, please refer to the How To Pay section below.

Tax Invoice - Unpaid Charges (Statement of Outstanding Charges)

Tax Invoice for Unpaid Fees can be self obtained through eStudent prior to making payment.

  1. Login to eStudent
  2. Select ‘My Finances’
  3. Select ‘Email my Statement of Outstanding Charges for the last 180 days’ (bottom of the page)
  4. Check your MQ student email for the document.

Please note that these are not automatically sent to the student. If you require a Tax Invoice, please ensure you obtain a copy through eStudent prior to making payment.

The Tax Invoice - Unpaid Charges is an official University document showing your fees and Payment Due Date. It also contains the 17-digit reference number required for phone payment.

This document can also be provided to third parties, such as banks, employers and sponsors, to confirm the fee amounts you are required to pay to Macquarie University.

How to pay

The following payment methods are available for paying your fees.

Payment from Australia Bank Account (BPAY)


Biller Code: 50443

Reference: Your 8-digit Student ID

Make payment via BPAY through your internet banking. Contact your financial institution for assistance on making payment through BPAY or watch this handy guide.

Bank Transfer from Overseas Bank Account (Telegraphic Transfer)

Western Union Global Pay

The bank details required for making telegraphic transfer can be found on the ‘Payment Instructions’ document obtained through the WU Global Pay website.

When completing the transfer of funds, please ensure the currency of transfer is the same as the currency noted on the ‘Payment Instructions’ and the reference number is also included.

You must obtain a new ‘Payment Instructions’ prior to each payment as reference numbers, exchange rates and bank details will change.

Previous bank details should not be used as they may no longer be valid.

Please note that Macquarie University does not have a direct bank account to accept student fee payments. All payments via Telegraphic Transfer must be made using Western Union Global Pay.

MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Macquarie University does not apply a surcharge for card payment.

For overseas issued cards, the issuing bank may have surcharges for international payments. It is recommended you check with your card issuer prior to completing payment.


  1. Login to eStudent
  2. Select ‘My Finances’
  3. Select ‘Pay My Fees’. You can then make a payment from the 'Pay My Fees' page.

Successful payments will take 2 - 3 business days to process and reflect on your eStudent account.

How to check whether my payment was successful?

If your payment is successful:

  • The payment amount will reflect as a 'Pending Charge' in your bank account.
  • You will receive a ‘Payment Notification Advice’ in your MQ student email within 24 hours, or the next business day if your payment is made on a weekend.


1300 301 043 (Standard call charges apply)

Please have your 17-digit Reference Number (found on the Tax Invoice - Unpaid Charges), card details, and a pen ready to record your receipt number.


MasterCard and Visa Payment through Western Union Global Pay

UnionPay and Alipay

UnionPay and Alipay through Western Union Global Pay

Note: Minimum payment amount for Alipay is AUD $2,500.00

This method is only available when paying from eligible countries*.

* On the Western Union website, the “paying from” country is the country that your card was issued in.

Avoiding scams and payment frauds 

Macquarie University does not offer discounted or reduced tuition fees.

Tuition fees are set by the University and discounts are not offered under any circumstances. Don't be fooled by anyone who offers a discounted fee—this is a scam.

Other types of scams include selling items at discounted rates, such as airline tickets or discounted exchange rates.

How to protect yourself from scams 

  • Be responsible for paying your own tuition fees directly to the University
  • Know the approved methods of payment
  • NEVER trust anyone who is claiming that they can offer you discounted fees, including a “friend” or “friend of a friend” or anyone acting as an “agency”.
  • Protect your privacy - don’t give your personal information to another person, including your eStudent password.

For more information on how to protect yourself from scams go to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website, SCAMwatch.

How to report a scam

If another person invites you to take part in a scam or you see it promoted online, it is recommended that you report it to all of the following organisations:

Revenue Services Contact Information

Ask a Question through AskMQ (

T: (02) 9850 6410 – Option 3 (Enquiries Only)

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