Difficulties with payment

Difficulties with payment

COVID-19 and Your Finances

In these extraordinary circumstances, the University is required to take all reasonable actions to support the health, wellbeing and safety of all community members. We’ve introduced a new COVID-19 Financial Assistance program for students. This can be utilised in conjunction with our existing loans and grant schemes. We are streamlining processes and the available pool of funding has been increased.  Details are available on the Welfare Services website.

Students can now book a check-in with a Student Wellbeing Adviser. This is the best way to get advice that is most relevant and appropriate for your personal circumstances.

We recommend that you check our website regularly for the latest Covid-19 announcements.

Payment Plans are available for students who are experiencing short-term financial difficulty due to unforeseen circumstance which impacts their ability to pay by the Payment Due Date.

Approval for additional time to pay is based on individual circumstances and is not automatically granted. Approval will be for tuition fees only and is not available for the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

Note: Students who have made full payment (using approved payment methods) on or before the Payment Due Date are not required to submit an application. The University can identify the date your payment was made once your payment is received.

Eligibility Criteria

The following students are not eligible to apply for additional time to pay:

  • Student Undertaking Non-Award; Next Step; ELC; Offshore; Cross institutional; Study Abroad; OUA; Winter Vacation or gMBA studies.
  • Students who have outstanding fees owing to Macquarie University from prior study periods.
  • Students who have defaulted on a previously approved Payment Plan (Extension and/or Instalments).

If you are here on an international student visa and do not meet the eligibility criteria, we recommend that you make an appointment with Student WellBeing to discuss their financial circumstances.

Due to Covid-19 the University will be taking a modified approach in assessing Payment Plan applications. The following eligibility criteria will not currently be applied.

  • Students who have had previous Payment Plan (Extension and/or Instalments) approved for any 2 prior study periods at any time.
  • Students in their first 12 months of study of Award courses.

Eligible Domestic students enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) or Domestic Fee Paying Place (DFEE) can only apply for an extension up to the census date.

Eligible International students may apply for an extension up to the census date or payments by instalments.

Your financial hardship must be short term and have been caused by recent unforeseen circumstances. As Payment Due Dates are published in advance on eStudent and on the MQ webpage, the following are not considered to meet these criteria:

  • Bank Holidays or Public Holidays
  • Unaware of the Payment Due Date
  • Fee Payer unavailable to make payment by the Payment Due Date
  • International Bank Transfer Delay
  • Bank Transfer Limit
  • Holidays or travel (Student and/or Fee Payer)
  • Delay in bank loan approval
  • Technical or system issues
  • Awaiting Withdraw Without Penalty and/or Reduce Study Load Application outcome. Student must make payment by the Payment Due Date as applications are not guaranteed to be approved. If your application is approved, the fees for your approved units will be credited back to your account.

Payment Plan Fee and Types (Not applicable during COVID-19)

Approved Payment Plan applications will incur a non-refundable fee that is payable for applications that have been reviewed and approved (Regardless of whether the student manages to pay their fees in full by the Payment Due Date).

The payment plan will be activated on signing the agreement (if required) and payment of the Payment Plan Fee.

Study PeriodTypePayment Plan Fee
Session 1
Session 2
Instalments$150 (Currently Not Charged)
MUIC Terms
MSGM Terms
AFC Terms
MQ Session 3
Instalments$100 (Currently Not Charged)

Where a student experiences special circumstances and is approved for a WWFP for all units in a study period and a Payment Plan Fee was charged for that study period, the student can apply in writing to have the Payment Plan Fee reversed for that study period only. This will be reviewed by management and an outcome will be provided in writing.

Supporting Documentation

Relevant Supporting Documentation must be submitted with all applications.

For your application to be assessed, you must provide supporting documents demonstrating:

  • Short-term financial hardship
  • Your ability to repay your fees if your application is approved

Applications without relevant supporting documents will be rejected.

Your supporting documentation should support and backup the reason you are providing in your application. Examples of relevant supporting documents include:

  • Bank Statements of the student and fee payer for the last 3 months for all Transaction and Savings Accounts (Must include full transaction listing, not a proof of balance document)
  • Payslips or proof of income to show ability to repay
  • Proof of externally funded government sponsorship such as Financial Guarantee
  • Medical Certificate (in English) and proof of medical expenses
  • Other appropriate documentation

Payment Plan Application Process (COVID-19)

During COVID-19, all applications will be through the Student Success Support Package application process.

Please refer to the Student Success Support Package website for more information.

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