Difficulties with payment

Difficulties with payment

Having difficulties paying your student account?

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your student fees  you may wish to consider the following payment options

  • Take out a HECS-HELP loan (you must be a Commonwealth supported student, and subject to eligibility)
  • Take out a FEE-HELP loan (you must be paying domestic tuition fees, and subject to eligibility)
  • Apply for a short extension of time (see below), for example if you are waiting for funds to arrive from overseas

If none of the above are available to you please contact Revenue Services as soon as possible and before your fees are due.

How to apply for an extension of time

If, due to exceptional circumstances, you are unable to pay your  student fees by the payment due date, you may apply to the Revenue Manager,  Revenue Services, Finance for an extension of time. You must apply before your fees are due, to avoid a $200 late payment fee, and you will need to clearly explain the reasons why you are unable to  pay your fees by the due date, and indicate when you will be able to  make payment in full.

Domestic students

Your application must be in writing via enquiry at ask.mq.edu.au with "extension request" as the subject heading.

You will be advised of the Revenue Manager's decision within two weeks of your application.

International students (excluding HDR students)

Complete a fee extension request at:


Select "Current student" go to "International forms" and complete the "International fee extension" form before the payment due date.

Higher Degree Research students

Complete a fee extension request at:


Select "Current student" go to "HDR" and complete the "Higher Degree Research extension form" form before the payment due date.

Revenue Services contact information

T: (02) 9850 7230

Submit Request to: Ask.mq.edu.au (Fees, Fines and Loans)

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