Manage your studies such as enrolling in classes, finances, and graduation.


Confirm your return

As a continuing student you need to re-enrol in units and register for classes for the new academic year whether you are an undergraduate, a post graduate, attending the College, a research candidate or a late enrolment.

How to re-enrol

Fees and costs

Calculate your commitments

All students studying a higher education program at Macquarie are required to pay something towards the cost of their course. How much you pay will depend upon what kind of place you hold.

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Scholarships and financial support

Apply for support

We offer scholarships to students to address financial need or hardship, academic excellence, sporting achievement and in recognition of outstanding character. We can also provide financial assistance with loans and grants to students who have difficulty with basic living expenses and need help with fees.

About scholarships and financial support

Taking a break

Delay or break your studies

Students are able to temporarily take a break from their studies by either deferring before they commence at Macquarie, or due to a change in circumstances, find they need to take a leave of absence part way through their studies.

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Graduations and ceremonies

Marking the beginning

Graduation ceremonies are at the heart of any university. They don’t just mark the completion of your academic endeavours, but the start of a new phase of your life and your career. We provide a range of facilities and services to ensure your graduation is as memorable and hassle-free as can be.

About graduations and ceremonies

Other resources

Get to know where you can go for assistance and how to find what you need.

About other resources

Important dates

Key dates

The important academic and administration dates of Macquarie University

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