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The Macquarie University International College is a pathway college for international and domestic students. Developed specifically to meet Macquarie University entry requirements, our programs help students transition to undergraduate studies by providing an alternate pathway to many of the University's Bachelor degrees.

Following Macquarie University's longstanding tradition of pioneering innovative academic processes and methods, the College operates across a seven-term academic year, with each term being seven weeks in duration. Our programs include an Intensive Program (2 terms), a Standard Foundation Program (4 terms) and a selection of Diploma Programs (4 terms).  Student focus on two units (subjects) in each term of study.

College students have access to the full suite of student services, support and facilities offered by the University, including access to Campus Wellbeing, Sport & Aquatic Centre facilities, the state-of-the-art library, student groups and the University's museum and gallery collections.

Our courses are designed to ensure that students optimize their academic learning, maximize their opportunities for success, and seamlessly transition to their chosen undergraduate degree.  Our role is to nurture generations of students, helping to develop their academic and English language skills, offering them the opportunity to undertake tertiary level education and forge a successful career.

Important Dates

Important dates for students to keep track of for their studies and to make the most of events across the university.


Rules, Policies & Procedures

The Macquarie University Handbook is the official source of information about Macquarie University's programs. It is important that students are familiar with the rules, policies and procedures relevant to their studies

Key Policies

It is recommended students read these prior to commencing their program.

Current Students

Whether it's understanding how your learning experience is managed and supported that you need, or you just want to know what's going on around the university, there's always information available at your fingertips.

Students portal and Student Connect

The student section of the website provides access to important links, support, activities and events for students to explore.

MUSE is the place that students can go to study, whether alone or in groups. It's also home to Student Connect which is your first point of contact for enquiries about your studies and life at Macquarie as well as any advice you may need.

Academic advice

General program advice can be provided by the College Student Administration and Services Team or Student Connect. Academic advice is specific advice to students about their current studies and learning.

Students can book a time to discuss their issues and ask questions about their study.
Academic advice about the Foundation programs:
Academic advice about the Diploma programs:

iLearn - the system for online learning at Macquarie

iLearn ( enables learning, teaching, communication and collaboration online. You will use iLearn for assignments, in-class and extension activities and to chat with your peers. About iLearn.


eStudent is the tool to enrol in your units, check payment due dates, pay fees for your enrolled units and view any outstanding debts.

Learning skills

Learning skills provides resources to help you study more effectively and teach you new academic skills. A learning resource for all students, learning skills will support your academic progression.


As a Macquarie University International College Student you have full access to all University facilities including the library. Here you will find books to borrow, spaces to study and collaborate in and other learning resources and supplements.

Student email

Macquarie University will only use your student email to contact you. You should check your student email regularly. To access your student email click here.

Calculate your GPA

Calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA) for units completed at Macquarie University International College with our GPA calculator.


Future Students

Thinking about studying at the Macquarie University International College?

Our Pathway College - information about the Macquarie University International College for international students, including a brochure to download.

Local students will also find key information in the Our Pathways College section and in the brochure. Currently the College accepts applications from local (domestic) students for the foundation programs on a full-fee paying basis. Local students may also apply for the Diploma program on both a full fee paying basis and as a Commonwealth Supported Student. For more information on fees please visit our fees and costs page or the course information page.

Domestic students may apply online.

Course Finder - provides details about the Foundation and Diploma programs and the units offered by the College, as well as requirements for articulation into undergraduate degree programs.

If you have any questions please complete our enquiry form