Graduation information and policy

All undergraduate and postgraduate students who complete requirements for an award in July 2015, will graduate, either in person or in absentia, at a graduation ceremony in September 2015. The invitation email will be sent to student email accounts from 27 July.

If you do not respond to the Graduation Invitation email and your attendance status in eStudent remains as HOLD, you will graduate in absentia and cannot attend a subsequent ceremony.

Students Graduating with a Certificate

If you are graduating with a postgraduate or undergraduate certificate, study abroad diploma or certificate you will not attend a graduation ceremony.  Your graduation documents will be mailed to you as soon as possible after the graduation series has concluded.  It is your responsibility to ensure your mailing details are kept current at all times.  Check your address on eStudent.

Outstanding debts

Students who are indebted to the University shall not be permitted to graduate until such debt is cleared.  Graduation allocation is subject to all debts being cleared prior to the series' closing date.  Please ensure that you do not have any outstanding debts.