Disruption to studies

Disruption to Studies Policy - what is it?

The University recognises that students may experience disruptions that adversely affect their academic performance in assessment activities.  Support Services are provided by the University to assist students through their studies.  Whilst advice and recommendations may be made to a student, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to access these services as appropriate.

The Disruption to Studies Policy applies only to serious and unavoidable disruptions that arise after a study period has commenced.  The full Disruption to Studies Policy can be found here.

Serious and Unavoidable Disruption:
The University classifies a disruption as serious and unavoidable if it:

  • could not have reasonably been anticipated, avoided or guarded against by the student; and
  • was beyond the student's control; and
  • caused substantial disruption to the student's capacity for effective study and/or completion of required work; and
  • occurred during an event critical study period and was at least three (3) consecutive days duration, and / or
  • prevented completion of a final examination.

Students with a pre-existing disability/health condition or prolonged adverse circumstances may be eligible for ongoing assistance and support.  Such support is governed by other policies and may be sought and coordinated through Campus Wellbeing and Support Services.

How to submit a Disruption to Studies Notification?

The Disruption to Studies Notification must be completed and submitted online through www.ask.mq.edu.au within five (5) working days of the commencement of the disruption. In the situation where a student requires a proxy to submit it on their behalf, this will be taken into account on submission of appropriate evidence as detailed below.

In submitting a Disruption to Studies Notification, a student is acknowledging that they may be required to undertake additional work.  The time and date, deadline or format of any required extra assessable work as a result of a Disruption to Studies Notification is not negotiable.  Further, in submitting a Disruption to Studies Notification, a student is agreeing to make themself available so that they can complete any extra work as required.

Supporting documentation must be submitted within five (5) working days of submitting the Disruption to Studies Notification.  Refer to the Disruption to Studies: Supporting Evidence Schedule for information/examples of supporting documentary evidence relevant to the disruption event(s).

Once supporting documentation has been supplied, a determination of whether the disruption meets the Serious and Unavoidable criteria will commence.

All original documentation submitted regarding the disruption must be retained by the student as this may be requested by the University at any time.  In this event, students will be provided 10 business days to submit the original documentation.

A student may withdraw their Disruption to Studies Notification up to the point where the determination of whether it is Serious and Unavoidable has been made. After this determination, the student may not withdraw the Disruption to Studies Notification and must submit themselves to partake in the assessment activities organised by the Unit Convenor.

Disruptions relating to medical circumstances

Where the particular circumstances pertaining to the disruption are medical in nature, a completed Professional Authority Form is required to be submitted with the Disruption to Studies Notification. Medical certificates will not be accepted as supporting documentation.

Refer to the Disruption to Studies: Supporting Evidence Schedule for details regarding the Professional Authority that is relevant to the disruption event.  Students can contact staff in Campus Wellbeing and Support Services for professional guidance on medical circumstances relating to a disruption event or to the completion of a Professional Authority Form.

The University may contact the Registered Health Professional or their practice to verify the authenticity of any Professional Authority Form or other supporting information provided or to obtain further information from the Registered Health Professional regarding the impact of the medical condition on the student's ability to complete the assessment task and/or final examination.

Prior conditions

Conditions existing prior to commencing a unit of study are covered by other policies, except in the event of deterioration or exacerbation of the condition. The student is responsible for managing their workload in light of any known or anticipated problems. Students with a pre-existing disability/health condition may contact Campus Wellbeing and Support Services for information on available support.

Disruptions relating to non-medical circumstances

Where the particular circumstances pertaining to the disruption to studies are non-medical in nature, appropriate supporting evidence indicating the severity (serious / not serious) and impact of the circumstances must be included with the Disruption to Studies Notification as set out in the Disruption to Studies: Supporting Evidence Schedule. Details of the actual circumstances are not required to be included if the supporting evidence provides the severity impact of the circumstances.

Academic Performance
Academic performance is not a consideration for the determination of whether a disruption is classified as Serious and Unavoidable.

The full Disruption to Studies Procedure can be found here.

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