Travel Insurance Terms and Conditions

Student mobility is a strategic priority of Macquarie University and all students are encouraged to participate during their studies. The University supports students' overseas academic endeavours through the Vice Chancellor's International Travel Grant scheme and at the same time recognises the importance of all students being covered by sufficient travel insurance.

This document outlines the rules regarding travel insurance for students participating on all outbound mobility programs including student exchange, short-term programs, study tours, internships and any other program endorsed and administered by the University. It outlines the policies approved by Macquarie Abroad that students must purchase.


  1. All students traveling overseas on outbound mobility programs or the International Travel Grant scheme are required to have travel insurance for the duration of the overseas activity.
  2. Travel insurance coverage must be for the entire duration of the voyage i.e. from the time the student departs Australia until they return to Australia or to their country of origin. This must include coverage for travel prior to and after the official program the student will participate in overseas.
  3. All students are required to show proof of insurance at the time they collect their Travel Grant from Macquarie International. No Travel Grant will be issued until this proof is shown.
  4. Approved travel and health insurance must include:

    4.1 Unlimited medical expenses;
    4.2 At least AU$1,000,000 (one million dollars) medical evacuation costs and AU$100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) repatriation costs; and
    4.3 At least AU$2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand dollars) in personal liability insurance. 
  5. Approval is not guaranteed and policies must be of a certain standard regarding health, travel, repatriation and liability coverage. Policies must be presented and clearly outline the requirements noted in Clause 4 above. Approval of any policy is at the discretion of Macquarie International.    
  6. Students are responsible for their own travel and health insurance and must ensure that any policy purchased sufficiently covers them during their overseas travel including any pre-existing medical conditions and leisure travel undertaken.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Macquarie International recognises that students with pre-existing medical conditions may be unable to get traditional travel insurance coverage through the providers listed above. Students with pre-existing medical conditions are responsible to source their own travel insurance policy that will sufficiently cover their needs whilst overseas.

Extending Insurance and Making Claims

It is required that students overseas be continuously covered by travel insurance. Students who extend their stay overseas are expected to also extend their travel insurance policy and are wholly responsible for doing so. Whilst Macquarie International may not be able to verify extension of stays overseas or of travel insurance, it is a condition of receiving a Travel Grant to be covered at all times.

Students going to institutions with compulsory insurance

Many North American, and some European institutions, require that inbound students purchase an insurance policy from them. These policies will usually only cover students during their time at the institution and within the host country, and are usually limited in their coverage (often to health).

Students are therefore required to have supplementary insurance to cover their travel to and from the host institution, as well as any other travel before, during or after their stay. Students need to also be covered for repatriation to Australia in the event of ill health or death during their stay, unless these are also specifically covered under the policy offered by the host institution.

Since most policies offered by host institutions do not cover all areas that need to be insured (health, travel, repatriation and liability), all students going to these institutions are advised that they should also purchase one of the travel insurance policies listed above to be certain that they fulfill all insurance requirements.

Any questions regarding this policy should be forwarded to the Coordinator of Outgoing Programs at Macquarie International.

Internships Insurance

Internships Insurance is a consideration on top of any travel insurance. Here in Australia any intern/employee is required to have 'Third party indemnity insurance'. For students interning in Australia this is provided by the university.

Outside of Australia we do not have the same arrangements. You should check with your host organisation as intern/work insurance requirements will vary greatly from country to country. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct level of coverage as the university insurance policies cannot cover you for International Internships.