Student Exchange Terms and Conditions

Outbound Mobility: Exchange Program Terms & Conditions of Participation

1. Definitions

"adviser" means the Macquarie International Outbound Exchange team member allocated to assist a student during their application and exchange

"applicant" means a person making an application for a place on the Macquarie University Student Exchange Program

"exchange" means a semester-long or short-term period of study administered by Macquarie International and undertaken at a partner institution, and for which credit will be granted towards the student's Macquarie qualification

"home country" means an international student's country of residence and/or citizenship outside of Australia

"host university" means a partner institution at which a student participates in an exchange

"international student" or "international students" means a student or students who is/are not a permanent resident of Australia and is/are normally enrolled at Macquarie University on a full-fee paying basis

"partner" means a university in a country other than Australia with which Macquarie University has signed a formal document of co-operation, as noted in the 'Partner Directory' which can be found here:

"program" means a student exchange program which is administered by Macquarie International

"student" or "students" means a student or students currently-enrolled in a diploma program or higher at Macquarie University

"Student Exchange Committee" means the committee which oversees the selection and advising process for applicants for exchange. The Committee also provides input into strategic direction and planning for the student mobility programs. The Student Exchange Committee is comprised of the Dean of Students, the Outbound Programs Manager, Macquarie Abroad, a representative of the University Coursework Studies Committee, and the International Studies Convener

"mobility scholarship" means a sum of money awarded from the Student Internationalisation Fund to an applicant to assist with the undertaking of that applicant's proposed overseas activity

2. General information

2.1. Macquarie Abroad within Campus Wellbeing and Support Services is responsible for the administration of all student mobility programs and the Student Internationalisation Fund.

2.2. Funding to support student participation in exchange is provided through the Student Internationalisation Fund. There are three categories of mobility scholarship:

2.2.1 Semester-long exchange mobility scholarship

2.2.2 Short-term exchange mobility scholarship

2.2.3 General mobility scholarship

2.3. Macquarie University students are eligible for a maximum of two (2) mobility scholarships from the Student Internationalisation Fund. This maximum includes all activities for which students may apply for funding.

2.4. Students awarded a place on an exchange program are expected to be ambassadors of Macquarie University during their time overseas. Activities students agree to participate in as a condition of participating on exchange include, but are not limited to, participating in activities at the host campus and assisting in the promotion of Macquarie University programs.

2.5. Students participating in exchange programs must abide by the rules and regulations of the host campus, community, and country.

2.6. Under no circumstances will a student be guaranteed a place on any particular program nor will any student be guaranteed to receive funding from the Student Internationalisation Fund until such time as a formal letter of offer is received from the host university and accepted by the student before the host university's deadline.

2.7. The Manager, Macquarie Abroad and Exchange or his or her delegate reserves the right to decline any application or withdraw the offer of a place on a program or mobility scholarship funding from any applicant who in his or her opinion would not represent Macquarie University appropriately overseas.
2.8. Application fees payable to Macquarie Exchange for any exchange program will only be refunded in the following circumstances:

2.8.1 The program is cancelled;

2.8.2 The applicant meets the minimum eligibility requirements as described in clause 3 below and Macquarie Exchange is unable to offer the applicant a place on the program; or

2.8.3 The student is unable to participate in the program due to unavoidable circumstances (proof of such circumstances must be provided on request to the Outbound Programs Manager).

2.9. Fees payable to all other organisations will be due by dates set by, and subject to the refund policy of, that organisation.

2.10. Final approval for student participation in exchange and funding from the Student Internationalisation Fund is at the discretion of The Manager, Macquarie Exchange, or his or her delegate, in consultation with the Exchange Committee.

2.11. This policy is effective from 1st January 2011.

3. Eligibility

3.1. International students are eligible to participate in all exchange programs, provided that the host university is not located in the student's home country.

3.2. Applicants must be enrolled in a relevant Macquarie University degree or diploma award program at the time of application and also at the time of travel.

3.3. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.50 at the time of application assessment and maintain or improve this grade up until their exchange semester. 

3.4. Undergraduate students must have completed at least eighteen (18) credit points at Macquarie University towards their current program of study at the time of application assessment.

3.5. Postgraduate applicants must have completed the equivalent of one semester of full-time study towards their Macquarie degree before being eligible for exchange

3.6. Applicants must be enrolled in at least one (1) unit of study at Macquarie University in the semester immediately before they participate in an international activity

3.7. Non-award students and students undertaking a certificate of languages without undertaking a concurrent Macquarie University degree are not eligible to participate in any exchange programs.

3.8. Successful applicants must participate in three compulsory on-campus sessions during the semester before their exchange begins: a 'Getting Started' session, a 'Study Plan' session, and a 'Pre-departure' session. Students who do not participate in these sessions may have their nomination for placement withdrawn by Macquarie Exchange. Distance or external students who may struggle to attend each of the compulsory on-campus sessions will have their circumstances assessed at the discretion of the Student Exchange Manager.

3.9. Diploma of Languages students must have completed, by the time they participate in the exchange program, either:

3.9.1. At least twelve (12) credit points towards their Diploma of Languages at Macquarie if undertaking a Diploma of Languages only; or

3.9.2. At least eighteen (18) credit points towards their Macquarie degree or Diploma of Languages if undertaking a degree program and a Diploma of Languages concurrently.

3.10. External Macquarie students are eligible for places on exchange programs provided they:

3.10.1. Meet all general criteria for acceptance onto the Macquarie University Student Exchange Program as described in this policy, including attending the three on-campus sessions as described in clause 3.8 above;

3.10.2. Accept responsibility for the timely collection and return of documents related to their application both to the exchange program and to the overseas university; and

3.10.3. Agree to bear all costs related to sending documents by courier from Macquarie University (if necessary).

3.11. Students participating in exchange through the ISEP program are eligible for a mobility scholarship, as the accommodation and nineteen (19) meals per week at the host ISEP institution that the ISEP program includes. Inbound ISEP exchange students will receive the equivalent accommodation and meals at Macquarie University, funded through the Student Internationalisation Fund.

3.12. Students participating in exchange through the ISEP program are only permitted to do so during their first semester of exchange. Students will not be permitted to undertake a second semester of exchange through the ISEP program and students who have undertaken a semester of exchange will not be awarded an exchange place through the ISEP program for a second or subsequent exchange.

3.13. Applicants are responsible for providing any documentation required to assess their eligibility and to prove they have adequate cover for the entire duration of their time overseas.

3.14. Students will not be permitted to participate in exchange programs that take place in regions that are currently listed as 'Reconsider your need to travel' or 'Do not travel' by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on the Smartraveller website:


4. Applying

4.1. Applications are to be submitted using the Macquarie Exchange online application system. Applications can be made at

4.2. Applications not submitted by the stated deadline for that program will not be considered. Deadlines are:

4.2.1. For semester-long exchange programs, 1st July for exchange during Semester 1 of the following year and 1st December for exchange programs during Semester 2 of the following year.

4.2.2. For short-term exchange programs, deadlines are published on the following web page:

4.3. Applicants for exchange programs are not required to submit a separate mobility scholarship application. Every successful Macquarie University Student Exchange Program applicant student will automatically be considered for a mobility scholarship.

5.  Student Responsibilities

5.1. Students must ensure that they complete a minimum of 50% of all of their degree requirements at each level at Macquarie University at 100, 200, 300 level and so on. Exchange units are not completed at Macquarie University.

5.2. Students are required to seek and follow academic advice from an appropriate source for their study program on participating in exchange before submitting an application.

5.3. Researching and applying for visas for other countries, and compliance with Australian student visa conditions for international students, are the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants should consult with the relevant embassy and/or DIAC for current information.

5.4. Applicants are responsible for obtaining unit approvals from the relevant exemptions officer(s) before the commencement of an exchange program. Macquarie Exchange will provide general assistance, but will not be held responsible for credit transfer or other requirements related to a student's study program.

5.5. Applicants must provide a reference from an appropriate current Macquarie University academic supporting the exchange application. The applicant's indicated referee will be asked to provide the reference through an automatically-generated email sent by Macquarie Exchange at the time the application is submitted.

5.6. All costs of participating on exchange including but not limited to airfares, accommodation, visas, cultural activities and study materials are to be paid by the applicant.

5.7. Language programs offered outside or during the exchange semester by host institutions, and for which students pay a tuition fee to the host institution, will not be considered part of the student's exchange enrolment and students will not be enrolled in Macquarie University exchange units for such programs.

5.8. Tuition fees for language programs as described at clause 5.7 above are not covered by exchange agreements and will not be paid by Macquarie University. Payment of tuition fees for such programs must be paid by the participating student.

5.9. Students who participate on exchange during their final semester of study for their Macquarie qualification are responsible for:

5.9.1. Obtaining their official host university transcript in good time for their grade transfer to be arranged (deadlines will be given by the student's adviser on request); and

5.9.2. Notifying the Academic Programs Section at of their intention to complete.

6. Enrolment and grade transfer

6.1. Students participating in semester-long and short-term exchange programs are required to submit enrolment information to their Macquarie Exchange Adviser by the deadline specified by that adviser. Failure to submit enrolment information will result in the student's immediate withdrawal from the Exchange Program.

6.2. Students participating in semester-long exchange must be enrolled by the relevant census date in a full-time load at Macquarie University. This is a minimum of nine (9) Macquarie credits and a maximum of fourteen (14) Macquarie credits per semester. Macquarie Exchange advisers will inform students of the census dates at the appropriate time.

6.3. External units undertaken at Macquarie University whilst a student is participating in an exchange will not count towards that student's minimum Macquarie University exchange enrolment as outlined in clause 6.2 above.

6.4. Students must be enrolled in a full-time load at their host institution as well as adhere to the requirements of their student visa for the entirety of their program.

6.5. Students participating in semester-long and short-term exchange programs are required to ensure their grades are transferred by the specified dates outlined below. This may involve the student requesting an official transcript from the host university after completion of the exchange period. Grades not resolved by these dates will have a Fail (F) loaded against each outstanding exchange unit unresolved.

Northern Hemisphere Semester 1: resolved by 31 December the same year
Northern Hemisphere Semester 2: resolved by 30 June the following year
Summer Exchange: resolved by 30 June the same year
Winter Exchange: resolved by 31 December the same year
6.6. Students participating in student exchange are required to pass at least 75% of the units they take at their overseas university. Students who do not achieve at least a pass grade in at least 75% of their overseas units will be required to repay their mobility scholarship. This repayment will be regarded as a debt to the University and a sanction will be placed on the recipient's student account until mobility scholarship repayment is made.

6.7. Specific Undergraduate exchange enrolment requirements

6.7.1. Law (LLB) students may only participate in exchange in years four and five and study elective Law units. Combined Law students are eligible to participate as described in clause 3 above to study units which count towards their non-Law major.

6.7.2. Combined Law students who intend to participate in exchange in their second or third year of study must seek academic guidance from the Law department before making an application for exchange and must demonstrate proof of that advice to their adviser on request.

6.7.3. A maximum of fifteen (15) credits of exchange Law units can be counted towards a Macquarie Bachelor of Laws program.

6.7.4. Bachelor of International Studies students are eligible to participate in exchange for one semester only.

6.7.5. The semester designated for Bachelor of International Studies students to participate in exchange is Semester 1 of the year the student will be approaching their third year of language study.

6.7.6. Bachelor of International Studies students must enrol in the unit INTS 300 for their exchange semester, and obtain written approval from the Head of International Studies for the studies they propose to undertake on exchange as equivalent to INTS 300. No further Macquarie University credit will be granted for exchange study undertaken by Bachelor of International Studies students.

6.7.7. Bachelor of International Studies students who do not pass at least 75% of the units they take at their overseas university will receive a 'Fail' grade for the INTS 300 unit.

6.7.8. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Laws combined degree must enrol in the unit EXLW 420 for their exchange semester, and undertake their exchange semester during their fourth or fifth year of study at Macquarie. Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Laws students must study approved elective law units overseas in order to complete the exchange part of their degree requirements.

6.7.9. Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Laws students who do not pass at least 75% of the units they take at their overseas university will receive a 'Fail' grade for the EXLW 420 unit.

6.8. Specific Postgraduate exchange enrolment requirements

6.8.1. Postgraduate students may only have a maximum of eight (8) credit points of approved equivalent units count towards their postgraduate degree program.

6.8.2. In order to meet their overseas student visa requirements, postgraduate students may have to enrol in further units at their host institution. These units will not count towards the student's Macquarie qualification.

7. Delivery of Mobility Scholarship

7.1. Successful exchange applicants are responsible for arranging payment of their mobility scholarship by supplying, on request of Macquarie Exchange, their banking details to Macquarie Exchange.

7.2. Mobility scholarships will be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer in Australian dollars into Australian bank accounts only.


8. Level of Funding

8.1. Funding may vary from year to year. Award amounts are allocated by the Internationalisation Strategy Committee for the relevant year. Current rates of award are published on the Macquarie International website at the following URL:

8.2. Where students are sponsored by an employer or another organisation, including the host university, for all or any part of their exchange they must declare this source of funding to their adviser as soon as this information is known to the student. The level of funding offered through the Student Internationalisation Fund will be adjusted accordingly. The University may ask students to complete a statutory declaration as verification of this.


9. Completion of Activity

9.1. Students participating in semester-long or short-term exchange programs are required to submit official records of their academic results from their activity as outlined in clause 6.5 above.

9.2. Applicants who do not successfully complete their exchange or whose exchange is cancelled following the payment of a mobility scholarship are required to pay the full amount of the mobility scholarship back to Macquarie Exchange. Macquarie Exchange reserves the right to place a sanction on the applicant's student account until repayment has been made.

9.3. Students are required to complete the following as a condition of participating on exchange:

9.3.1. An article for Macquarie's online newsletter The Globe during the exchange period; and

9.3.2. An online survey on completion of the exchange period.

10. Withdrawal

10.1. Students who withdraw from any program after the final withdrawal date as indicated in official documents relating to that program will not be eligible for a refund of payments made and will also incur any other costs related to their individual program withdrawal whether imposed by Macquarie Exchange or the host institution.