Student Exchange

Want to study overseas? 

With over 250 university campuses in more than 60 countries, there are plenty of choices for student exchange.

How Does Exchange Work?

Find out how you can apply to study part of your degree at an overseas university with our Student Exchange program.

Short Term Programs

If you can't spend a full semester on exchange, consider an intensive short-term exchange program

Where Can I Go?

We partner with over 100 universities in more than 40 countries. You're sure to find a country that interests you.

Costs and Funding

Find out about our generous scholarships and the costs you should consider when planning an exchange.

Overseas opportunities

  • Explore the possibilities
  • Why participate in an exchange?

    • It's good for you, personally! Become more confident and independent.
    • Increase the value of your degree! Take different courses overseas, those with an alternate perspective than here in Australia.
    • Exchange can broaden your career prospects - Employers will look favourably on your overseas experience.
    • This is surely the best opportunity to get a real world experience - look at how people live in other countries, and reflect how you live in the world.
    • It's a great way to build an international network, make friends, travel... have an adventure. And do it whilst adding value to your Macquarie degree.




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