Scholarship FAQs

What types of scholarships are available?

Macquarie University offers a range of scholarships for school leavers and undergraduate students. Most have a strong emphasis on social inclusion and equity and are awarded on the basis of financial need and/or other hardship. Others recognise factors such as academic excellence, sporting achievement, outstanding character and extra-curricular activities etc. 

How do I apply?

There are several different application types. For example:

  • Applications for our range of Equity Scholarships are through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) Equity Scholarships Online at  Our Equity scholarships include: Macquarie Education Costs Scholarship; Macquarie Accommodation Scholarships; Macquarie University Higher Study Scholarship; Macquarie University Mature Age/Non Current School Leaver Scholarship and the Macquarie University Refugee Scholarship
  • Applications for the Merit Scholarship the PACE Scholarship and the Sports Scholarships are made directly to the University. Check the individual entries on this website for deadlines.
  • Residential college scholarships are generally made directly to the relevant college.
  • Applications for most faculty scholarships are usually made to directly to the Faculty. Please contact the relevant Faculty for details.

Applications for admission to a program of study at the University must be lodged separately. Scholarship applications are not considered for admission purposes.

What are the deadlines for applying?

Deadlines for scholarships vary so please see each scholarship page for details or check with the individual contact.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I am an International student?

Information about scholarships available for international undergraduate students can be found on the Macquarie International website at or by sending an e-mail to .

Can I hold more than one scholarship?

Generally no, however, there are exceptions. If you are offered more than one scholarship please contact the Scholarships and Prizes Unit on 9850 7337 for advice.

What if I am unsuccessful?

If you have been unsuccessful for an equity scholarship, your application will remain 'live' for the whole application period and will be considered in every subsequent Equity Scholarship offer round that the University may participate in during this period.  You do not need to apply again, however, you can update your application if your circumstances change, or if you have up-to-date documentation to provide, by going to the UAC Equity Scholarship website.  Your application must be updated, including sending in all associated documentation, at least two weeks prior to an Equity Scholarship offer round.

The University and individual Faculties also offer a number of other scholarships and prizes for students in second or later years of study. Please contact the relevant Faculty.

Can I defer a scholarship offer?

The majority of scholarships are non-deferrable. Please check individual details for other scholarships .

If I am currently on a scholarship can I defer (take leave from) the scholarship?

Only in exceptional circumstances. If you are a scholarship recipient and find that you cannot continue study in a given semester due to circumstances beyond your control please contact the Coursework Scholarships and Prizes Unit to talk about deferral of your scholarship. This is generally only done when a student is no longer enrolled and prior to the semester's payment being made.

Do I need to pay tax on a scholarship?

This can depend on your individual circumstances and the type of scholarship you have been awarded. The Australian Taxation Office is the best place to find information regarding scholarships and taxation. Please visit their website at or phone their enquiry line on 13 28 61.

The income from some scholarships may also be taken into account to calculate certain income support or other Commonwealth payments so you are also urged to seek independent advice regarding your particular situation.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I am not a current school leaver?

Students who are on a 'Gap Year' are eligible to lodge an application for the next year's Macquarie University Merit Scholarship provided they completed their secondary studies in the year prior to their 'Gap Year' and have not undertaken any intervening tertiary study.

You do not have to be a current school leaver to apply for the range of Macquarie Equity scholarships eg. Macquarie Education Costs and Macquarie Accommodation Scholarships, as these are open to all eligible undergraduate students.  The University has also created a scholarship specifically for non current school leavers in recognition of their start up costs. 

Please check the individual details of other scholarships available.

Can I study part-time if I am on a scholarship?

Students who are not able to study full time because of (for example) sole parent responsibilities, carer responsibilities, long-term medical condition/disability or on going effects of abuse, are able to access our range of scholarships. This is in recognition that not all students are able to study full time.

Please contact the Coursework Scholarships and Prizes Unit with questions.

Will my scholarship affect my Centrelink Payment?

Up to $7,485 of equity and merit-based scholarship payments are exempt from the Centrelink income test.  This applies to all payments with a personal, partner or parental income test.  Any amount of the scholarship payment over $7,485 is still considered personal income and may affect your payment rate.  You should still report any scholarship income to Centrelink (even if it is below $7,485).  

Where can I download the Banking Authority Form?

To download the Banking Authority Form please click here

Related forms

PDF icon Banking Authority Form (77.1KB)

PDF icon GPA Waiver (49.3KB)

PDF icon Full time Waiver (39.9KB)

Scholarship enquiries

Coursework Scholarships & Prizes Unit, Level 3, Lincoln Building
Macquarie University NSW 2109
Phone: 02 9850 7337 / 6401