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Macquarie University offers a range of scholarships. Most have a strong emphasis on social inclusion and equity and are awarded on the basis of financial need and/or other hardship. Others recognise factors such as academic excellence or sporting achievement etc.

Deidre Anderson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor"University study is an opportunity to change your life and the world around you.  Our scholarship program helps students who otherwise may not have had this opportunity - from low socio-economic backgrounds, regional and remote Australia, and Indigenous Australians - to participate fully as members of the Macquarie community.  We also offer scholarships that enhance the university experience of high-achieving students, foster personal and professional development, and provide access to leading academics and business partners through placements, mentoring and research projects.  I encourage you to explore the options available and discuss the opportunities they can open up with your friends, family and our helpful team."  Deidre Anderson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Registrar)

Undergraduate Scholarships

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Postgraduate Scholarships

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International Scholarships

For information about these scholarships please visit the Macquarie University International Scholarship website.

Higher Degree Research Scholarships

For information about these scholarships please visit the Macquarie University Higher Degree Research Scholarship website.

NOTE:  Scholarship offerings are subject to change without notice


University prizes are awarded for academic achievement in particular units or programs of study. Applications are not required as students are nominated by the relevant Academic Faculty according to mid year and final year academic results. 

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Undergraduate scholarships 
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Scholarship enquiries

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