International opportunities

PACE offers a world of experience PACE improves job prospects PACE builds positive social change PACE supports a more just world

Run in partnership with Australian Volunteers International, PACE International offers you a unique opportunity to participate in international project work with community partners around the world.

You will gain skills employers value while contributing to a more just, inclusive and sustainable world and in most cases your experience can count towards your degree ­- all while you travel.

PACE Grants are available to help you finance your experience and these range from $1,200 to $2,400 depending on the cost of travelling to the project location.

By participating overseas with PACE International you can increase your understanding of your place in the world to drive your career to greater heights.

Latest News

There are plenty of new and exciting projects for 2014 and 2015.  We have projects to cater for all study streams and career paths. Check out our new projects by clicking on 'PACE International Projects'.

We will be running a series of Information Sessions and Application Workshops so come along to hear about the projects on offer and meet the PACE International Team!