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iLab: your computer laboratory on the internet

We've just launched iLab, our new computer laboratory product that enables you to use a broad range of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X applications for your Macquarie University work from anywhere on most common platforms.

Need to edit a photograph for your presentation? Easy. Log in to iLab's Mac OS X desktop and find Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft PowerPoint in the same place.

Been sent a Microsoft Publisher document but work on a Mac? No problem. Log in to iLab's Windows desktop and not only will you be able to open and view the file but also revise, save and send it back to your Windows-using friend.

You can even use iLab to access our print network remotely. For example, from home you can send a document to a printer in one of our general-purpose computer labs. Once you're on campus, you can go to the lab, swipe your Campus Card and collect your print job - all without needing to log in to a lab computer.

With temporary iLab sessions accessible from the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems, the days of being bound by physical labs are coming to an end. It doesn't matter whether you're on or off campus. All you need is the right iLab client for your hardware and an Internet connection. And iLab is easy to use. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

To view the full list of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X applications available currently - it includes SPSS on both iLab desktops - answers to frequently asked questions and, crucially, how to get started, visit

Escape the lab rat race. Embrace iLab.