Changing the world by degrees

Macquarie University's PACE program takes you out of the lecture theatre and places you in the heart of your chosen career, well before you graduate. Check out the film above to see how​third year chemistry students Stuart Terry, Calvin Yung, Danielle Holgate, Josef Urmenyhazi had the opportunity to work in a fast paced commercial chemistry lab through PACE.

PACE broadens your university knowledge by embedding practical experience into your degree. By working with partner organisations locally, regionally or internationally, you have the opportunity to gain invaluable life experiences, important industry skills, cross-cultural and community understanding and all the while add credit to your university degree.

The professional and community engagement experiences that PACE activities offer - locally, regionally and internationally - include:

  • work-integrated learning, such as internships
  • community service and development
  • practical experiences
  • field trips